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Plan B
(janvier-mars 2023)

in Cryogénie - Research-creation space, University of Strasbourg. It is through the practice of tracking – wild animals in forest and rural environments, but also injunctions hidden in street furniture – that Katrin Gattinger develops her recent projects and research, of which she shows with Plan B an inventory of fixtures in Cryogenics. – Space for research-creation. Combining animal gestures (which create significant forms of territorial marking) with forms and materials (which construct the urban environment), these projects invite us to think about the place of wild, liminal animals in the city. They create fictions, ways of taking a place, of adapting, of “dealing with” and of finding solutions, like so many ways out of constraints. Scratching, digging, licking concrete and bitumen, distorting the defensive and anti-homeless design are sculptural gestures. They summon an imaginary of impertinence and insolence in the face of commandments inscribed in forms and invite us to think about our room for maneuver in a controlled environment.

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