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Cône de révolution (terrier)

Sculpture, cement, resin, plaster, synthetic foam. 28 x 28.2 x 51.2cm.

“What is vital today”, writes the philosopher Jacques Rancière, “is the development of all forms of secession from the modes of perception, thought, life and community proposed by the logics of inequality (…). In this enveloping environment, we try to dig holes, arrange them and expand them rather than assembling armies for battle. »*
In a construction cone – this shape is called by mathematicians “cone of revolution” – an animal seems to have dug a burrow as if it were settling in the signage. The sculpture creates a fiction of animal irreverence in the face of the injunctions of human environments. It also exposes a way of "nibbling ground", of interfering in the territory of the other, of settling there neither seen nor known.

*in En quel temps vivons-nous. Entretiens avec Éric Hazan, La Fabrique, 2007.




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