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Borderknots (consulats, ambassades)

Performance-drawing Project with drawing machine produced by K. Gattinger.

A variant of the Borderknots project (drawing-performance with a "drawing machine") consists by passing through and "connecting" by a graphic line the various representations of countries : for example, all consulates situated in Strasbourg (the day of the anniversary of human rights) or an embassy in Brussels to the following one by asking every stage for the application of the seal of the country on the drawing being made: Results often of long negotiations with various administrative authorities, the application of these seals - which commits countries in question- is not only the proof of the passage of the artist to the administration in question, but also the agreement of the representative of the country to this symbolic project. Production of a very official document, but which remains nevertheless abstract.

Portfolio "Boderknots"


La "machine à dessiner"




"Borderknots (Consulats Strasbourg)". 26.08.2013


"Borderknots, Ambassades / Bruxelles" (titre provisoire); 4 dessins, vue de l'exposition "Sharing lines. Making Borderknots" à Rosa Brux, Bruxelles, nov. 2013.




4e dessin de "Borderknots, Ambassades / Bruxelles" (titre provisoire), avec les sceaux de sceaux des ambassades : Autriche, Danemark, Allemagne, Irlande, Lituanie, Malta, Hollande, Finlande, Luxembourg, Estonie.



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