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Marée amarée

Thanks to a pumping system, 800 liters of water are being carried from an artificially dug pond in the palace grounds of the castle of Kerpaul into four composed barrels nearby to reconstitute a small tide. In cycles of 7 1/2 hours the pond fills and empties. A boat is moored in the middle of the pond by 18 moorings and when the water falls, it leaves the waterline, puts itself into levitation before coming to rest on the water at its highest level.

Installation in the Park of the Castle of Kerpaul to Loctudy (Bretagne, Finistère du sud). Model for a project with scale 1. Wooden boat painted, pond (env. 260 x 190 cms), nylon ends, 4 barrels (capacity 200 l), electric pump, pipes(tips), cover, steel, 1000 l of water.
Project realized during the artistic residence 7/7/7 in 2008 in Loctudy. Curators : Sylvie Ruaulx of the Tribonnière and Christophe Cuzin.






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