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"Alors, protestez !"

Installation in situ, steel tube (Ø 42 mms), varnishes. Exhibition "La Fête de l'eau in 2012", Wattwiller, 2012.

The installation follows the edges of a lake like a balustrade before it forms a ravel, wraps up five meters into elevation and throws itself into the water. Inspiration was drawn from the movie Jules and Jim that was realised by Francçois Truffaut 50 years ago, and which partially takes place by the mountain Molkenrein in Wattwiller. The sculpture freely redraws gestures of the famous scene of Jeanne Moreau who casts herself into the river Seine in protest.

Texte de présentation


Installation *in situ*, 25 mètres de tubes d’acier (Ø 42mm), peintures carrosserie. Exposition *La Fête de l’eau* 2012, Wattwiller, Haut-Rhin.






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